Spruce Environmental Technologies, Inc., an ENERGY STAR Partner, was founded with the purpose of making indoor air safer by removing a major health hazard: Radon. Our RadonAway® radon fans are the most popular, reliable and effective radon fans in the world. Spruce also manufactures Spruce brand inline ventilation fans, AccuStar® and RadStar radon testing devices, AIRaider™ water aeration systems for radon in water, and additional radon monitoring and mitigation products.

Spruce Environmental Technologies Location

Spruce is based in the Merrimack Valley of Massachusetts on a 9-plus acre campus, with two buildings that house corporate headquarters and the main manufacturing and distribution facilities. Additional sales, manufacturing and distribution facilities are located in Medway, MA as well as Pennsylvania, Indiana and Colorado.

Spruce Environmental Corporate Headquarters

Spruce Environmental Technologies, Inc.
3 Saber Way
Ward Hill, MA 01835

Toll Free: (800) 355 - 0901
Phone: (978) 521 - 0901
Fax: (978) 521 - 3964

Spruce Environmental Technologies Company History

When founders Alan Zucchino, David Kapturowski and Howard David Zidel started Spruce Environmental Technologies, Inc. in 1989, their intent was to fill a need in the radon industry. They developed, designed, and manufactured a line of fans specific to radon mitigation. The brand name they chose for these fans was "RadonAway®".

RadonAway® radon fans quickly became recognized in the radon industry for their superior effectiveness and reliability, and RadonAway® rose to become the world's premier radon fan manufacturer. Soon the Spruce partners added to the RadonAway® fan line a complete range of radon mitigation products and accessories from other manufacturers, making RadonAway® a major supplier to the radon industry through its catalog and distributors. The RadonAway® line later was expanded to include the company's AIRaider™ series of diffused bubble aeration systems for removal of radon in water, and the catalog has grown to include additional indoor air quality products.

While growing the RadonAway® brand, Spruce developed three complete lines of inline ventilation fans. These Spruce brand fans are widely used to improve indoor air quality by removing pollutants, contaminants and moisture from the kitchen, bathroom, garage, and other specific locations and to provide general ventilation.

The company continued to branch out further into the radon industry, and in January 1999 Spruce acquired the first of its three radon testing laboratories. Under the name AccuStar® Labs, these laboratories manufacture and analyze radon in air and radon in water test kits and RadStar continuous radon monitors for use by professionals and homeowners. AccuStar®'s long-term Alpha Track radon test device was rated number 1 in its category by a leading national consumer advocacy group.

The Spruce commitment to quality extends to personal, knowledgeable customer service and prompt order processing and delivery. For that reason, in 2012 the company acquired RCI, a highly regarded, 25-year-old radon mitigation supplies distributor located in the Midwest. In addition, there are Spruce sales representatives throughout the U.S.